The game for couples who have said I love you..

to fall in love a second time with questions and challenges that enhance the spark.

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"the deepest connections are rooted in vulnerabliity, where masks come off, and souls meet one another."

- anonymous lover

The game for falling in love a second time

How it works..

Level 1

Ice Breakers

Level 1 invites the warm feeling of remembering early memories together while bringing you present in the moment. These bring warmth, smiles, laughter, and feeling loved.

level 2


Level 2 gives you permission to ask questions you never knew how to. Open up about concerns, insecurities, overthinking, and vulnerable moments.

level 3

Getting Deep

Level 3 is beautifully emotional. Ask questions that normally feel burdening, but our game makes them comfortable. You think you know your love until you play this level.


Wildcards embody the feeling of love through challenges. We keep these secret until the game is yours.

*unreleased* HOW DEEP WILL YOU GO? For Lovers

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For Lovers guides couples to fall in love a second time. It puts vulnerable and healing questions in an easy-to-practice ‘game’ to bring the most loving, connecting conversations to life. Ask the right questions to build a deeper emotional connection than you've felt before.


  • 99 question cards and challenge cards

  • Instructions included

  • 2 players, 3+ if you’re into that

  • deeper love guaranteed
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Is this love at first sight?

We approached couples to play our game in real-time to show you the magic..

"That was awesome. I like being able to connect with each other with questions we never really think to ask."

- boyfriend from our video

FAQs (healthy communication)

How do I get in contact with support?

If you want to get in touch, email

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How is this different from other card games?

What other game do you see testing their game in real time with strangers without paying them? We'll wait.

How deep does this really go?

Most reviews say it goes deeper than they could have imagined. Some even call it life changing. We might need to come out with a box of tissues.

What are couples saying?

nothing yet. it's unreleased silly ;)

One box, endless love <3


We promise For Lovers will help you open up and build an emotional connection deeper than you’ve ever felt with your partner. If you hate it, tell us we suck, get a refund, and keep it for free.