Butterflies, deep love, and close connection.

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"Overall - I got to really connect with my people. Learned things and shared things that I felt brought us all closer in the end." - Shamal

verified customer of How Deep Will You Go?

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  • "great way to break the ice"

    The game is a lot of fun and a great way to break the ice with new friends as well as get deep into your feelings with old ones. It leads to awesome conversations and just helps you talk about the feelings you might not ever realize you are experiencing.
    - Emily (in the video)
  • "conversing for hours"

    My best friend, her boyfriend, and I played together. We’ve been friends for 13 years so we know almost everything about each other. We had tried playing a card game similar to this one from a different company and the questions were all predictable. HDWYG had us conversing for four hours even after the game ended, we enjoyed it a lot!
    - Kylie, verified customer
  • "spark deep conversations"

    When these insanely deep and thought provoking questions are framed as a "game" they become much less intimidating. It's really an amazing way to get to know people and spark those deep conversations with the people you love.
    - Noah (in the video)

How did we start?

Our accidental origin story.

It started with a sign, a table, and google docs..

What started as a fun video series quickly turned into a mission to bring back human to human connection.

We traveled to several college campuses to challenge the students to open up in a deep conversation. At first no one showed up, so we spiced things up by naming this experiment "How Deep Will You Go?"

After the first experience at Troy University the feeling was just surreal. Students were opening up, even smiling, regardless of the depth of topics shared. They were just relieved that we created the safe space to open up.

Then the videos came rolling. Millions of views, thousands of comments and personal messages later, we finally turned the experiences we were creating into something everyone can have.

But the impact came years later when RJ, Noah, Parker, and several others who sat down years prior saw us on campus again and remembered who we were by name.

Thet's when we realized we were creating experiences that turn into unforgettable memories. How Deep Will You Go? Original was born.