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Easy-to-play conversation card deck to deepen your connections and become a lasting memory. It’s for those who desire better friendships, deeper relationships, and connections that feel true to the soul.

The compact size of the box makes it perfect for taking on the go, making meaningful conversations effortless, anywhere.

Whether used solo as journaling prompts to understand yourself, playing with friends or family, on a date, or even with strangers, a deeper connection will arise.

HDWYG? - Three levels of carefully crafted question cards to dig deeper.

  • 99 Question Cards and Wildcards
  • Instructions included
  • 2-8 players
  • new core memories included
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I felt like I grew closer to the people around me even though we were already pretty close. It put me in an environment where I felt positive energy. It would be interesting to play with a group I do not know.

Noah K.

The game is a lot of fun and a great way to break the ice with new friends as well as get deep into your feelings with old ones. It leads to awesome conversations and just helps you talk about the feelings you might not ever realize you are experiencing.

Emily (in the video)

its a good game for us because we're deep thinkers.

Taylor (in the video)

Thank you for such an amazing conversation 🤍 I loved the game and it definitely made my day!

Nicole (in the video)

When these insanely deep and thought provoking questions are framed as a "game" they become much less intimidating. It's really an amazing way to get to know people and spark those deep conversations with the people you love.

Noah (in the video)
One Box. Everything You Want To Know.

Get to know someone new. Get to know someone better. Build the kind of connection that lasts.

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None of the other games went through a process like ours. We built a social media brand asking thousands of people meaningful questions they have never been asked before.

We got thousands of messages from people telling us how impactful it was. We were told it was therapeutic and wholesome, and it made people feel good. Before we knew it, everyone was asking us for the questions.

So we sat down, sifted through hundreds of questions to condense it into 99 question cards and wildcards that make meaningful conversation effortless.

We created a physical representation of the experiences we were creating. When we say carefully crafted, we mean it. You won't experience anything like it

We might need to come out with a black box of tissues.